Monday, 9 February 2009


I just read an article about spelling basically suggesting that both British and American spelling systems should be simplified to a more phonetic system, as part of our problems with spelling are due to the irregular spelling and pronunciation variants in English.

Hmmm, I think its more likely that it's the reliance on computer spellcheckers and predictive text messages that's to blame for this and I can't see how changing our spelling is feasible. And the article also includes a spelling test, which I did quite badly on. I only got 15/20 so maybe my spelling needs some work! Spelling was always my thing at school, so I'm just off to read a dictionary now! Lol. After I've spellchecked this of course!

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Chris said...

Being Canadian, we're stuck between two systems of spelling. I use both American and British spelling. Usually, I know I'm using the British spelling because of spell check. I like having two ways of spelling.