Thursday, 19 February 2009

Booking Through Thursday-Storage

This week’s question is suggested by Kat:
I recently got new bookshelves for my room, and I’m just loving them. Spent the afternoon putting up my books and sharing it on my blog . One of my friends asked a question and I thought it would be a great BTT question. So from Tina & myself, we’d like to know
“How do you arrange your books on your shelves? Is it by author, by genre, or you just put it where it falls on?”
I realise that this may make some people gasp in horror but I don't really have a system for organising books! I have two large bookcases in the alcoves either side of my fireplace, which is where the majority of my books live. I do try and put books by the same author together but other than that they just go where there is a space! Other than that I've got a pile by my bed of books I intend to read in the near future, and a shelf in the hall with three piles of library books on it, one each for me, Dylan and Chrissie (my children). Library books are kept separate so I know where they are and in the hall in the hope that seeing them will jog my memory if any need returning! Lol.
Dylan on the other hand has perfectly organised bookshelves! Its all in alphabetical order, with series in their right order. Any of his larger books that won't fit upright in his shelves are neatly piled in top in size order, and woe betide anybody that dares to put one back in the wrong place! I don't know where he gets it from, it's certainly not from me! Lol.


SmilingSally said...

I always keep library books separate from all other books; it just makes good sense. (BTW: I didn't gasp.)

Dot said...

Hi Jo, I'm like you in that I don't really have a particular order, try and put authors together but that is about as organised as it gets! Happy BTT!

Kathy W said...

My husband is better organized than I am with books. Of course in all fairness he has a whole lot less books. I still can't figure out his system except he keeps all his poetry books in the same place.

Anonymous said...

I have trouble with library books - the pile is always changing size! Lol. Your son's shelves sound a lot like mine.

Beth F said...

Tell your son to come here and straighten out my books for me!

Yvonne said...

I'm not very organized. I'm just glad when I can get them all stored away in boxes.

Anonymous said...

I am not gasping as I don't have any special order any more for mine. As long as it has a place it is ok,lol.

claire said...

Your son is so cute! He's like me.. lol!

Jo said...

Smilingsal, it does and they need to be somewhere prominent for me to remember they need to go back!

Dot, I'd love to be more organised but its just such a big job!

Kathy, you should get your husband to orgnise your books for you!

Jennifer, And mine because I pick up requests as they come in so they've all got differnt return dates.

Beth, He won't even do mine for me, he says theres just too many!

Yyvonne I've got lots stored in boxes at my mum's loft aswell!

Socialfrog, thats all ok with me too. Anything else wuld just take too long to sort out now. Theres just too many.

Claire, he has his moments. I wish I could be as organised as him. His music collection and computer games ae just the same!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

oh, I don't really think it matters. The only reason I organized them by author was because i thought it would be fun. Now I think by colour woudl be more fun, but who wants to re-do it all!!?!

Happy reading!