Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I went home......and bought books!

Well, it's not really home since I haven't lived there for twenty years and I haven't been back for ten, but somehow I always feel a homely feeling towards Derbyshire. I grew up here and wish I went back more. I actually went for a family party, but that was pretty odd since the only people I knew were my parents, who travelled up there for the same party, and the distant relative whose party it was! But at least my children got to meet the mysterious Steve and Jacqui who send them presents every Christmas and Birthday!

But more importantly, they got to see this crooked spire, which they've heard so much about! I don't think they got what I meant when I'd told them about it, but they couldn't take their eyes off it when we were there. We had to walk round to see it from every possible angle! If I'm honest, I found it a bit strange to see again, especially since it used to be so normal!

And I bought books too! Probably way too many, but they were cheap! Charity shop books are cheap anyway, but they seemed to be even cheaper up there! But maybe I'm just kidding myself there, it's amazing what I'll convince myself of to justify buying books!


farmlanebooks said...

Great selection of books! I have almost all of them in my TBR pile too!

I remember going on a day trip to visit that spire when I used to live in Macclesfield, Cheshire - it is a weird thing to look at!

Anonymous said...

There are some great books there - about five I want to read, including the Murakami, Vernon God Little, the Philip Roth, Mr. Toppit, The House Of Riverton...

Oh... and is that A Short History Of Tractors?! Yeah, that's on my TBR as well.

Looks like you're in for some fun! :)