Thursday, 17 September 2009

Booking Through Thursday-Entertaining Reading

What’s the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you’ve read recently?
(Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean funny, since we covered that already. Just … GOOD.)

Well my first response was to say that all reading is entertaining, isn't that the point? I wouldn't do it otherwise. So picking just one to be the most entertaining is hard. So, I think I'll go with the two that I just couldn't put down. Both of these actually have been read in the last few weeks, and I still have to write reviews, so I can't link to them.

The first is The Book Thief. I think I'm probably the last person in the world to read this, but I loved it. As well as being a brilliant story, I was amused by the fact it is narrated by death, and I liked the stories written by Max for Liesel, especially the fact that these were included in full, with pictures. I liked the pictures, the really seemed to add to the book. I will review this soon, but Dylan is reading it at the moment, and he's asked me to wait until he's finished so he can add his opinion.

The other, completely different book, is After Dark by Haruki Murakami. I really enjoyed this, even though it was a bit surreal and took at least half the book to figure out what was going on. I love the fact that the author managed to get so much out of a few chance meetings on one night. I'm waiting for this one to settle in my mind before I review it here, because each time I think about it, something else strikes me about it.


Dot said...

I hadn't thought of The Book Thief but I agree that it is a wondeful book.

JoAnn said...

Both of these are near the top of my tbr pile. Looks like I'm in for some great reading!

busy91 said...

I keep hearing good things about The Book Thief, I really should get to it.


Lisa said...

Fear not! You are not the last person to read The Book Thief - that would be me! This is a book I simply must read and for some reason keep putting it off. Thank you for kickin' me in the butt and making me realize I can't wait any longer!!!

christine (booktumbling) said...

I was so excited to find a copy of The Book Thief for $2 at my local 2nd hand bookstore. Not sure when I will get to it but I cannot wait!

anothercookiecrumbles said...

I loved Book Thief - can't praise it highly enough.

Have After Dark on the TBR, but there are two other Murakamis that take precedence!

Happy Thursday.

reviewsbylola said...

You're not the last one--I haven't read The Book Thief yet. I will someday!