Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Books, Books, Books!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too many books have come into my house this week. Especially since I haven't actually had time to read very much at all. With parents evenings, sports days, end of term plays and new school induction evenings (both children start new schools in September), I've been a bit busy. And that's all capped off by having to find time to make up all the hours at work I've had to miss to attend all this stuff! So my reading pace has slowed down, but that doesn't seem to have stopped the rate at which books are entering my house.............

From the library

And what I've bought

I really need to make a start on some of those library books otherwise they are going to end up going back unread, and I hate doing that! But some of the above are really tempting too! I have actually already opened the Roald Dahl short stories, and read a couple, but I think I'll just be dipping in and out of that anyway. They are very strange!


farmlanebooks said...

Great selection! I got Blackmoor from the library this week too!

I enjoyed The Behaviour of Moths, Kavalier and Clay and Arthur & George too.

I look forward to hearing all about them!

fleurfisher said...

Wha a great collection of books.

PopCo and The Rapture are high on my wishlist, and The Behaviour of Moths and Blackmoor are among my favorite books of recent months.

Enjoy - when you can!

Jess said...

I noticed that you bought The Welsh Girl. I am currently reading it for book club on Tuesday night.