Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bleak House (in bits)!

I've said before that over the years I've started to like Dickens less and less. As a teenager, I loved any that I read but I started to enjoy him less with each one I read, and the older I got! I really don't know why and I'd like to find out. So when I found THIS site that will send classic novels in the parts they would originally have been published in in serial form, I thought 'd give it a go! I've always wanted to try reading something the way it would originally have been published 'soap opera style', but its always been difficult to find out exactly where the cut off points were, and of course, if I do happen to get into this, there's less of a temptation to read ahead!

I'm hoping I might get a new found appreciation for Dickens this way, or at least decide once and for all that he's just not for me! One way or the other, it should prove an interesting experiment! So it's Bleak House, in bits, for the next forty weeks for me! Oh, wish me luck!


Molly said...

I have always wanted to read one of Dickens' novels in the way that it was originally published. What a great site!

I look forward to your weekly (or so...) reviews, and I am going to go check out the site now.

Anonymous said...

I finally conquerd Dickens by reading (albeit from a book)over a long period of time as a serial. Let's hope it works for you too. Oh and I built up to it by reading some of the shorter works that the Hesperus Press is reissuing.

Vintage Reading said...

Hi, I must admit I've never been fond of Dickens. I had to read Hard Times for a uni course which I didn't much care for (although I could see its brilliance). Quite like A Christmas Carol but Dickens is gap in my reading.