Thursday, 26 November 2009

Library Books!!!!

Just a quick one today! Just thought I'd post a picture of my latest lot of library books. These were all picked off the shelves, some I wanted to read and some just total random picks. I probably shouldn't have got quite as many because I still have a huge list of requests to come in and it would be just my luck that they will all come in together! Hmmm.
Twisted Heart by Rebecca Gower- Random pick and the more I look at, the less sure I am I will read this!
People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks-I've wanted to read more Brooks ever since I read and loved Year of Wonders
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters-I wanted Affinity, but this was the only one on the shelves.
Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke- This one is actually from Dylan's school library as the waiting list at my library is huge. Very kind of him to get it for me don't you think?
Spuds, Spam and Eating for Victory-Totally random, about rationing. Just looked interesting.
Not the end of the World by Kate Atkinson-Saw this on the shelves and it's one of only two of hers I haven't read yet.
Roads Ahead edited by Catherine O Flynn- Totally random. I'm always drawn to short stories!
Nine Nights by Bernard Carvalho-Again, totally random.
More random stuff in there than there usually is, but that's mainly because requests hadn't come in so there's lots of space on my library ticket!

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